Why Does My Phone Not Ring

Ever found yourself asking ‘why is my phone not ringing?’ It’s a puzzle that can leave you scratching your head, especially when expecting those important calls. Missed calls aren’t just frustrating,especially when waiting for the ringtone to sound off, only for it to remain silent. There might be several reasons why your smartphone isn’t ringing and we are going to explore some of them together in this article.

1. Phone Settings Causing Issues

Often, the reason behind your phone refusing to ring lies in its settings. A simple setting change can inhibit your ringing tones and even other notifications. For example, you might have accidentally muted the ringer volume, disabled the option of incoming call notifications, or selected a silent ringtone without realizing it. These issues are surprisingly common – arguably due to the increasing complexity and granularity of control that modern telephony equipment provides.

Let’s also not forget accidental pocket-dials that alter important configurations unknowingly. Check through each of these settings on your device to ensure they’re correctly set up.

2. Faulty Hardware or Software

Next up on our list of culprits is faulty hardware or software. On many Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung Electronics products, as well as on other brands’ devices, a malfunctioning speaker or software glitch can stop the phone from ringing. After all, if there’s an issue with the speaker hardware or if the software that controls the ringing function has failed or isn’t working properly, you’re not going to be able to hear any incoming calls.

You may want to visit a qualified technician to troubleshoot and potentially fix any hardware-related issues. Conversely, if the problem lies within the software realm of your personal computing device – including bugs within your operating system – addressing it could require an update or even a factory reset.

3. Problems with Network Services

Problems with Network Services

An unreliable network service can also be a silent thief of your phone’s ring. If the coverage isn’t robust enough, calls may fail to connect and thus, never cause your phone to ring. The StatCounter Global Stats data from 2021 shows around 85% of Americans now own a smartphone and many sometimes experience difficulties like these. You might be wondering why this matters. Well, solving network service problems can be trickier than going through your settings – depending on where you’re located when you’re experiencing the issue.

Often times, simply moving to an area with better signal strength can resolve network service issues. Consider referring to ‘Why Does My Phone Say No Service’ for more insight into this common issue and potential resolutions.

4. Interruptions from Apps

The utilization of various apps on your phone can unexpectedly impact its ringing ability too – especially if we’re talking about ‘notification management’ apps. According to The Verge, users are increasingly deploying such apps to manage their call alerts and notifications according to specific settings. However, these can occasionally silence calls altogether, meaning you’ll have no idea until you check your device that somebody tried phoning you.

To ensure that an app is not the reason your phone isn’t ringing, start by checking each app’s specific settings for any settings that could explain it.

5. Issues Related to Do Not Disturb Mode

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) mode is a feature found in most smartphones today, including those running Android as well as iOS devices such as iPhone. When activated, this mode silences your phone calls, notifications, and alerts and is perfect when you need some peace and quiet. However, if you’ve accidentally left it on or set it to come on at regular hours (for example, every night), your phone won’t ring for incoming calls.

Interestingly, a USA Today article pointed out that about 11% of smartphone users they surveyed use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature regularly – and might be wondering why their phone isn’t ringing.

6. Silent or Vibration Mode Troubles

Another straightforward explanation could be anonymous to some but still baffling to others: your phone’s silent or vibration mode. If set to these modes, incoming call notifications will not cause your phone to produce a ringing tone. Instead, they’ll either vibrate, remain entirely silent, or in some cases flash a light. The silent and vibration modes are usually convenient when you’re in meetings or other atmospheres where loud ringing phones would be inappropriate – but if you forget to switch back afterwards, you could easily miss calls due to the lack of audible alert.

In conclusion, if your phone does not ring when somebody calls you, the possible reasons could range from inadvertent settings adjustments to faulty hardware or software to problematic network services. Additionally, third-party apps and ‘Do Not Disturb’, silent or vibration modes can cause the same issue too. To ensure you haven’t missed any important calls due to your phone not ringing and if none of these methods work for you then consult this comprehensive guide on fixing a phone that doesn’t ring.

7. Blocked Contact or Numbers

If your phone isn’t ringing for certain ongoing calls, the issue might be related to blocked contacts or numbers. Blocking functions are integrated into most modern devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, as a privacy feature. When you block a specific number on these devices, it prevents the person associated with that number from calling or sending messages.

Users of Samsung Electronics products, like Samsung Galaxy phones or other Samsung mobile phones, may have inadvertently blacklisted some numbers, causing those calls to go straight to voicemail. The same could be true for iPhone users who might have unintentionally added a contact under the blocked list. You can examine your blocked list to see if any numbers should be removed.

8. Faulty Phone Updates

System upgrades on Android (operating system) devices and iOS devices are supposed to improve the device’s performance by enabling new features, enhancing old ones, and fixing bugs in the software. However, sometimes these updates can also inadvertently cause additional problems.

In instances where an update was interrupted or not correctly installed, you could experience issues with your personal computing device or your phone’s ringtone functioning properly. Similarly,Samsung Electronics products that run on Android may encounter issues post-update, possibly impacting your phone’s ability to ring when someone is calling.

If you notice your Samsung mobile phones are behaving unusually after a recent update, try uninstalling that particular update or bringing this issue to a professional technician who can address the problem.

9. Telephony Equipment Issues

Telephony Equipment Issues

Deteriorated telephony equipment can be behind your phone refusing to ring. For example, if you’re using third-party hardware accessories such as headphones or Bluetooth speakers on Samsung Electronics products like Samsung Galaxy devices, these could interfere with the ringing function of the mobile phone.

Note that when you have a headset plugged in, your phone will automatically route audio through the headset, so you might not hear any sound from the device itself. The same occurs with Bluetooth devices. Try disconnecting these accessories and then check if your phone rings for incoming calls.

10. Misconfigured Personal Digital Assistants

If you’re using a personal digital assistant software, like Google’s Assistant on Android (operating system) devices or Siri on Apple Inc.’s iOS devices such as iPhone, these can potentially influence your mobile telecommunications functionalities, including the ringing of your phone.

When misconfigured, these softwares may inhibit calls or send them directly to voicemail without ringing the phone. Therefore, it’s essential to verify the settings of your personal digital assistant software to ensure that they’re coordinated with your desired call notifications and ringtones.

11. Ringtone Selection Mistakes

Strange as it may sound, a simple oversight in ringtone selection could be responsible for a Samsung smartphone not ringing during incoming calls. On certain Samsung Electronics products like Samsung Galaxy smartphones, a variety of sounds are pre-installed which you can set as ringtones. However, there might be some ‘silent’ options among those choices. If accidentally chosen as your designated ringtone, your mobile telecommunication device will stay silent for all incoming calls.

12. Conflict between Wi-Fi and Cellular Network

In some cases, issues with Wi-Fi and cellular networks switching back and forth can cause disruption to mobile telecommunications’ user equipment such as smartphones and tablet computers. That could lead to incoming calls not being routed properly to the device or being missed entirely.

This may manifest as your phone not ringing during incoming calls when it’s connected to Wi-Fi. However, once the mobile device is disconnected from the Wi-Fi, calls should come through correctly, and it will ring as expected during an incoming call. In which case, it may be beneficial to contact your service provider for further assistance.

13. Problems with Phone’s Silent Mode

Experiencing problems with the phone’s silent mode could be a reason behind your phone not ringing during incoming calls. On Android (operating system) devices including Samsung Galaxy phones or on Apple Inc.’s iOS devices like iPhone, users might mistakenly activate the silent mode without realizing it. If in silent mode, your phone would not emit any sound when receiving an incoming call.

To adjust, check if your mobile telecommunication device’s switch or button – usually on one side of the phone – is not set to silent mode. If it is, switch it off and see if the problem has been resolved.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

While some of these obstacles to your smartphone ringing may seem perplexing at first, focusing on these areas will likely uncover the cause of your issue. Some solutions might entail exploring your device’s settings or seeking professional help to rectify hardware defects or faulty software updates. Equipped with clearer insight into potential issues, you’re now better able to ensure that you never miss a crucial call on your phone again.


1. Why is my phone not ringing for incoming calls?
This could be due to various issues such as mute settings, ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, network service problems or even issues related to your hardware or software. Each of these factors can prevent your device from ringing during an incoming call.
2. How to troubleshoot my mobile phone not ringing?
You should start by checking the basic settings on your smartphone such as the volume level, selected ringtone and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ status. Furthermore, you should also verify if there are any network service issues or third-party apps interfering with the ringing functionality.
3. Can updates cause my phone not to ring?
Yes, sometimes system upgrades can inadvertently cause additional problems such as your phone not ringing. If an update was interrupted or incorrectly installed,you could experience this issue and may need a technician’s help.
4. What if my phone is not ringing only for certain contacts?
If your phone isn’t ringing for certain ongoing calls, the issue might be due to blocked numbers or contacts unknowingly placed in your phone’s blacklist.
5. How do I know if ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is on?
Your smartphone usually shows a crescent moon icon in the top bar when ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is on. You can find this setting in your device’s settings section.
6. Can using Bluetooth devices stop my phone from ringing?
Yes, it can because when you have a Bluetooth device connected (such as a headphone), your phone will automatically route all audio through that device instead of its speaker.
7. How does Wi-Fi interfere with my phone ringing?
In some cases, issues with Wi-Fi and cellular networks switching back and forth can cause disruption to your phone calling functionality.
8. Could there be an issue with my ringtone?
There’s a possibility that you’ve accidentally selected a ‘silent’ option as your ringtone. If that’s the case, your phone will stay silent for all incoming calls.
9. What if none of these solutions are working?
In that case, it might be more prudent to schedule a visit with a qualified technician or contact your phone’s manufacturer for further help in diagnosing the issue.