Why Does My Phone Keep Restarting

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a crucial game or about to snap a perfect picture, and your phone suddenly decides to restart? Believe me, you’re not alone. Many people often wonder why their phones keep restarting unexpectedly. Let’s delve into possible reasons behind this annoying issue and what you can do about it.

Common Causes for Phone Restarting

The causes for a phone that keeps restarting can be diverse, ranging from software glitches to hardware problems. It may include erratic apps, battery issues, operating system updates, certain malware, firmware glitches, overheating issues, or even hardware malfunctions.

A worldwide usage of approximately 3.5 billion smartphones in 2020 indicates that technical issues such as phone restarts would naturally be significant. However, it’s hard to ascertain the exact cause without an in-depth examination of the specifics surrounding each case. Let’s have a closer look at each potential contributing factor.

Effects of Erratic Apps

Ever since the dawn of smartphones, apps have become a key part of our everyday lives. However, while they offer incredible utility, they also sometimes act erratically causing unexpected phone restarts. This could be due to unintentional bugs in their code or compatibility problems with your device or its operating system.

Android and iOS both collect data on app crashes and system stability, providing insights into app behavior. Reports such as Android’s “App Not Responding” (ANR) could hint at underlying issues pushing your device into an unstable state and causing these unwanted restarts.

Correlation between Battery Issues

Correlation between Battery Issues

Battery problems are one common reason why phones keep restarting. Often this is due to wear and tear over time that diminishes the battery’s capacity and performance. A pertinent example here is Apple’s iPhone battery incident. Older iPhone batteries were causing unexpected shutdowns, and the consequent high volume of replacements under Apple’s battery replacement program indirectly highlighted the prevalence of power-related restart issues.

That being said, sometimes it’s not physical damage but issues with the operating system misreading the battery levels that result in sudden restarts. This is often observed following major operating system updates.

Potential Role of Operating System Updates

Every update aims to enhance your phone’s performance, fix prevalent bugs and sometimes, add new features. Yet, despite their positive intention, updates might occasionally lead to unwanted consequences. Some users have reported their devices restarting post major operating system updates as a result of unaddressed bugs or inconsistencies within the updated software. In fact, a significant spike in calls related to performance issues, including phones restarting is often observed by tech support lines and online forums following such updates.

Technical help can be found on the internet if you ever face such an issue. Here is an article that offers useful tips on how to cope with restarting issues after an Android update.

Malware: A Hidden Culprit

Our smartphones are constantly exposed to various digital threats which include malware. From stealing personal data to hampering normal functioning, malware can be incredibly destructive. Yes, including causing your phone to restart abruptly.

Some malicious software can tamper with your device’s operating system or essential files, causing instability and frequent restarts. To avoid this, only download apps from trusted sources like Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS and refrain from clicking suspicious links.

Firmware Glitches and Boot Loops

Firmware serves as the instruction manual for your phone’s hardware, allowing it to function correctly. Any errors or glitches in your firmware can cause system instability and often lead to your phone entering a boot loop, where it continually restarts itself.

While rare, firmware problems can be challenging to sort. They usually require expert assistance or at times even a complete firmware replacement – either via a professional service or, for some more technically inclined users, through a DIY approach.

A myriad of elements might lead your phone into this seemingly never-ending cycle of restarts. With such complications at hand, it becomes critical not only to identify and mitigate these issues promptly but also to prevent them from cropping up in the first place.

Phone Overheating Issues

Phone Overheating Issues

One misconception is that your smartphone is simply an electronic device; however, it’s also a delicate piece of engineering with hardware and internal mechanisms sensitive to temperature fluctuations. If your phone overheats, its operating system may initiate a restart to cool things down. This protective measure is in place to prevent damage to your phone’s internal components.

Excessive use of resource-intensive apps, prolonged exposure to sun, or even charging for too long can cause overheating. A good practice is to keep your mobile device in a cool, shaded place and not overtax it with heavy usage. Disabling redundant apps and services running in the background can also help manage your phone’s heat generation.

Hardware Malfunctions and Restarting

While software issues claim most of the spotlight for involuntary phone restarts, hardware malfunctions can also cast shadows. The faulty ram, loose battery connectors, or impairments in power buttons are a few instances where hardware flaws can trigger restarts.

A malfunctioning SD card can also cause such errors. If the card isn’t correctly mounted or has corrupted data files, you may find your phone spontaneously rebooting. It’s advisable to check if resurfacing issues persist after removing the SD card—doing so could either affirm or rule out this possible cause.

Solving the Restarting Issue: DIY Methods

If your phone keeps restarting on its own, you need not panic or rush into replacing it entirely—there are many troubleshooting strategies you can try first. One such technique is starting up the phone in safe mode, disabling all third-party applications temporarily. Android users can do this by holding down their power button until a menu appears and then long-pressing the ‘power off’ option. For iOS devices, a quick online search should provide a walkthrough on how to enter safe mode.

If the issue ceases in safe mode, it’s likely that one of your apps was causing the disturbance. You can then meticulously uninstall recently downloaded applications, checking to see if the problem persists after each removal.

When to Consult a Professional

Sometimes the restarting issue might be beyond a DIY approach. If that’s the case, it’s wise to consult professionals. Especially if you suspect that a hardware issue is the culprit, trying to fix it yourself can lead to further damage. There are several authorized service centers for every phone model, where experienced technicians can diagnose and repair your device correctly.

In addition, if you’re regularly backing up your device data using cloud storage options such as Google Drive or OneDrive or local solutions like an external hard drive, a factory reset procedure could potentially solve multiple issues simultaneously. This method should only be attempted when all other troubleshooting avenues have been exhausted as it completely wipes all data and settings from your device.

A Final Look

Unexpected phone restarts can be caused by numerous factors, including faulty apps, operating system glitches, malware infections, overheating problems, hardware malfunctions, and even power-related issues. The onus is on us users to understand what might be causing these issues and appropriately troubleshoot either by ourselves or with professional assistance. With some patience and understanding, these annoying considerably inconveniences can be effectively managed and possibly even prevented in future usage.


1. Why does my phone keep restarting itself?
Diverse factors such as errant apps, operating system bugs, malware, overheating problems, hardware malfunctions, and even battery issues could cause your phone to restart unexpectedly.
2. How can I check if an app is causing my phone to restart?
You can boot your device in safe mode which temporarily disables all third-party applications. If the issue ceases in this mode, then it’s likely one of your apps is the problem.
3. What do I do if my phone keeps restarting after an OS update?
Technical assistance can be found online relating to your specific device and its OS updates. Here is an article offering useful tips for Android users: Help Article.
4. Are frequent phone restarts related to malware?
Yes, some types of malicious software can cause frequent device restarts by tampering with essential system files and causing instability.
5. Are there any DIY methods to solve phone restart issues?
Yes, you can try starting up the phone in safe mode, which temporarily disables all third-party applications or meticulously uninstall recently downloaded applications one by one to see if the problem persists.
6. When should I consult a professional for my consistently restarting phone?
If you’ve tried the common solutions and the issue persists or if you suspect a hardware problem may be the cause, it would be wise to consult a professional technician.
7. Can overheating cause my phone to restart?
Yes, if the internal temperature of your device reaches a certain threshold, your operating system may initiate a restart to prevent damage to internal components.
8. Does a faulty SD card cause the phone to restart?
Yes, if an SD card isn’t correctly mounted or has corrupted data files, it can trigger spontaneous reboots.
9. Can battery issues cause my phone to keep restarting?
Yes, frequent restarts can sometimes be linked to an aging or malfunctioning battery.
10. Can a factory reset solve restarting issues?
Sometimes, in extreme situations where other methods fail, a factory reset could help solve multiple issues simultaneously. But bear in mind this should only be used as a final resort as it completely wipes all data and settings from your device.